runtastic User of the Month November – Robert Nehro

Robert Nehro is our runtastic User of the Month for November. He is 39 years old and he lives just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He bought a new bike this year after doing very little activity for a long time. A lot of his friends didn’t believe that he could accomplish so much and today he is proud to say to them, “I told you so!

Read his interview to learn more about him!

runtastic User of the Month November Robert


– How long have you been using runtastic? Why did you start using it?

I have tried out a selection of apps since February, when I bought myself a new bike and decided to take a bicycling vacation this summer. I thought it would be cool to track my tours. After few months, I thought that Runtastic was the absolutely best.

– How many times per week are you using runtastic?

I have been using the app basically every day. I have been bicycling to my work every day since March. And during the summer, there was a lot of biking on my holiday. The best part was I when packed my bike with tent and camping gear and went away for five days. That was a really great experience!

– Did runtastic change your life / your health / your sports or fitness habits?

The app has helped me immensely and has given me a lot of inspiration. I used to do nothing before I created this new routine! Since I started, I have biked 3845 km and still counting! Sweden is mostly flat, but I have still managed to climb the height of Mount Everest three times! And of course, a I’ve garnered a beautiful tan as well! Since I started in February, I have lost 12 kg. Pretty good, don’t you think?! I am really proud of myself and my progress.

– What do you think about the runtastic fitness portal/community?

The portal is very inspiring! It gives you a total overview of your stats and improvements. And, it is easy to get in contact with other people with the same interests as you. For me, the best part is to check out the routes of my past trips and the possibility to check the maps.

The runtastic Team congrats Robert for his extraordinary, motivating force. We are sure that his story will inspire other runtastics around the world!


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