runtastic is the winner of the A1 Challenge in Austria

“… the best available app in Austria is Runtastic PRO” – it´s a pleasure for us to become the winner of such a great challenge

A1 has announced the winner of the application challenge. Apps for iPhone, Android or Blackberry were submitted by over 200 developers. Runtastic PRO won in two categories:

  • best app overall
  • best BlackBerry app

With these great results we are very happy and looking forward to a great future for sports applications.

What will be next?

runtastic will launch new features like geotagging and track import within the next time. There also will be some improvements in the Android and BlackBerry versions. For the sports portal – – new statistics are provided soon. Also our second app “FITNESSMEISTER” becomes more popular around the globe. For future you can find all apps of runtastic at

Gewinnerfoto der A1 Challenge(Photo from


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