Runtastics On Tour: First Annual Cangrande Half Marathon

On October 5, 2014 a group of Runtastics will go the distance and participate in the first ever Cangrande Half Marathon in Verona, Italy.

The race will begin, along with those running the Verona Marathon, in the Piazza Brà and finish in the most famous square of the city, the square of the Arena. We are very proud and excited to have some members of our team there and will be sending them Live Cheers the entire 21.0975 km, of course!

The Runtastic Cangrande Half Marathon Team

Gabriela Coleman

Q. What do you think about while you are running really long races like this one?
I think about where I am going to travel next and I often re-design my apartment in my head.

Johannes Knoll

Joe Verona Marathon
Q. Is this your first half marathon race? If not, how many have you done?
Yes, it is my first half marathon race ever!

Franz Keferböck

Franz Verona Marathon
Q. What motivates you to run when you really don’t feel like it or the weather is bad?
I get motivated by the tempting idea of a hot shower and the satisfying feeling after a run. In the end, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing!

Lunden Souza

Lunden Verona Marathon
Q. Do you have a goal time?
Of course, I want to beat 2 hours! The last 2 half marathons I did had A LOT of uphill and I managed to finish a few minutes over 2 hours. Since this one is a bit more flat I hope I crush 2 hours!

Alfred Luger

Alfred Verona Marathon
Q. What do you eat to fuel your race? What do you eat after?
Before the race I eat müsli with fruit and after, pasta!

Ana Stojilovic

Ana Verona Marathon
Q. Are you a competitive person? How do you push yourself during a long race?
Yes, I am a competitive person. I set my pace goals and that’s what pushes me during a race.

Christoph Reininger

Christoph Verona Marathon
Q. What’s your favorite thing about running?
What i love most about running is feeling. The strength of my legs pushing me forward on uneven terrain, when I can feel my heart beating in my chest and my lungs pumping oxygen right into my muscles. That moment when I stop thinking about what happened today or what will be tomorrow; when there is only me and the trail, nothing else. That’s what I love about running.


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