Runtastics’ Successes: How To Combine Work, Studies & Sports

In this new series, we will regularly introduce you to some of our team members. They have managed to improve their lives: They either started to exercise more, eat healthier or just do everything more consciously all day long. Our employees are inspired by working at Runtastic, so we now want them to inspire YOU! Learn about their success stories, benefit from what they have learned and apply their advice if you face similar challenges.

One opportunity is never enough


Philipp, Advertising Manager at Runtastic

Philipp holds a very important role in the start-up, being in charge of one crucial pillar of our business model: the advertising on our mobile apps as well as the fitness site. As if this challenge was not enough for Philipp, in 2013 he decided to start pursuing part-time Master’s studies in addition to his full-time job. Although the extra work on weekends and evenings didn’t interfere with his success at work, his body suffered from the new, very tough schedule:

“One day I realized that although I was making big strides professionally, I hadn’t managed to do any regular physical exercise in years.”

Philipp remembers how he immediately thought about running to get fit again, but his first attempts turned out to be quite frustrating and demotivating – due to a quick pulse after only a few kilometers, sore muscles, and a lack of motivation. It was just not possible to start at the same fitness level he had reached before his studies.

Going the extra mile


Having decided that it was time to focus on his health as well as his career, Philipp wanted to do things the right way: He set an additional goal and registered for his first half-marathon in the beautiful “Wachau” region of Austria. Using the Runtastic app together with a training plan for finishing a half-marathon in 1 hour and 50 minutes, he finally found a way to bring regularity back into his daily routine. He admits: “Additionally, I bought new running shoes and sports gear, which eased the pressure and boosted my motivation to expect a return on investment.”

After a hard first three weeks, the ambitious Advertising Manager could finally enjoy his first sports success again: The training plan (including interval training and long-distance as well as uphill runs) offered variety and challenged him step by step. In the end, Philipp even outperformed his initial goal and ran the 21 kilometers in only 1 hour and 49 minutes. Shortly afterwards, he surprised everyone with an incredible 4:15 pace at the Night Run in Linz (six kilometers). This is how he happily finished the year 2013 – including more than 1,050 kilometers on his Runtastic running balance!

“I felt so much fitter and therefore I could concentrate even better at work and on my studies. Even if both together often resulted in stress, I stayed calm and managed to remain balanced.”

The top 5 things Philipp learned about combining work, studies and sports

  • A precise and realistic goal keeps you motivated.
  • Variety in the training helps you stay on track.
  • Training with colleagues and friends generates quality time.
  • Rewards for even small successes are crucial to your overall happiness.
  • Sports not only make you fitter, but more productive and balanced.

Today, after earning his diploma, Philipp still includes exercise as a standard part of his weekly plan of tasks and duties. Runtastic helps him stay fit and steadily reach his goals – not only with our products, but also by offering flexible working hours that enable employees to easily combine study and/or exercise with work. Moreover, there are many group physical activities with colleagues before or after working hours which make it easy to push your limits together. Last but not least, the gym in the same building as the headquarters can be used (for free) for a quick and healthy break.

What’s your story? Have you also been successful at managing a great work-life balance? Let us know in the comments section below!


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