Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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On average, one out of every eight women will get breast cancer during her lifetime. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to raise awareness of this disease, we have put together the results of some studies for you.

Breastcancer Awareness

The new king of juices
Owing to its high flavonoid content, the antioxidant effect of pomegranate juice is said to be three times higher than that of green tea and thus prevents cancer. For this reason, pomegranate juice was recently voted the healthiest juice of all.

Exercise can prevent breast cancer
Physically active people have a lower risk of breast cancer because some types of cancer (including breast cancer) are linked to the body’s metabolism. Thus, getting your metabolism going on a regular basis is one way of preventing cancer. In particular, endurance sports like running, swimming or cycling and other lifestyle factors have been proven to have a positive effect.

Cancer cells like it bright
Researchers have recently discovered that cancer cells grow better in a brighter bedroom than in complete darkness. The reason is thought to be the body’s melatonin production, which is suppressed by light. Therefore, experts advise keeping the bedroom completely dark.

Men are affected too
Breast cancer does not only affect women. Men can also get it, although the percentage is significantly lower than among women. It mainly affects men over 60 years of age.

Breastfeeding prevents breast cancer
Researchers in the US have found that women who breastfeed their babies are significantly less likely to develop breast cancer. Women with a strong family history of breast cancer can help further reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by breastfeeding.


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