Families Being Healthy & Active Together

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The sun lures families to take their children out to the yard, to the lake or to the park. Outdoor activities together are also very popular at this time of year because the young ones should be fit and healthy. We have found a few studies for you on these topics…

Parents as role models
Nowadays, two out of three children know they should eat fruit daily and avoid too much sugar. Therefore, the knowledge is there, but whether the children actually do this depends on their parents’ behavior. Preparing a salad, cutting fruit or making soup together – this is how kids develop a positive image of healthy food.

2 hours of exercise
Children who grow up in families that take time to eat meals together are much more physically active. Unfortunately, only one out of four children today get more than two hours of movement a day.

Parents’ support
Accepting and encouraging a healthy, balanced diet and a lot of outdoor exercise is very important within the family. The support of their caregivers makes it easier for kids to reach for an apple rather than candy.  

Is sugar to blame for everything?
Professor Robert Lustig of the University of California is convinced that excessive eating and a lack of exercise are not the only factors responsible for the obesity of our children and young people. He has found that a high sugar intake is primarily to blame for this problem.

Like father like son…
Researchers at the University of Frankfurt have observed babies swiping their food on the table. They suspect that the children are imitating the movements their parents make on their smartphones. Because children imitate what their parents do, parents should spend more time teaching healthy habits and less time staring at their screens.


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