Interesting Facts Around Alcohol & Drinking

Science Chunks

A cold beer to accompany your BBQ, a fruity cocktail at the pool… In summer, there’s just too many occasions calling for a drink. We’ve dug up some studies on the topic for you.

Less is more
People who hold back on drinks from Monday to Friday, but then down many drinks come the weekend, live shorter on average than those who enjoy a glass of alcohol every now and then, even if that means on weekdays.

Germans love their beer
52% of the alcohol consumed by the Germans is beer.

Alcohol makes you attractive
Well, a little bit, that is. People who’ve drank a small amount of alcohol are considered more attractive by others, according to a study conducted by the University of Bristol. This is only true if you’re not actually drunk though – the effect is drastically reduced in people who are clearly drunk.

Final destination: hospital
Up to 20% of admitted patients in medical institutions are under the influence and treated for alcohol abuse.

Smoking leads to drinking
Researchers at Yale University found that smokers, especially occasional ones, often have a glass too much and struggle with drinking problems compared to regular smokers and non-smokers.

Too much is just too much
If you overdo it with alcohol in the long term, you might die up to 15 years earlier. Your liver will start suffering from cirrhosis and “give up.”

Why we smell like beer
Alcohol is mainly metabolized in your liver. However, 6 – 10% is exuded via your breath, sweat and urine. This is the reason why we can hardly hide the fact that we’ve had a few beers the night before from our partner.


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