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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, find out more about men, women & their relation to health with today’s Science Chunks. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Runtastic Science Chunks

Men in a relationship are healthier
It’s mainly single males who eat too little vegetables, according to researchers from Cambridge. This might be due to a lack of cooking expertise… or motivation.

We want the best for single friends
When in a stable relationship, we’re more likely to set our single friends up with someone. We’re inclined to sugarcoat a relationship and idealize its benefits – and therefore, we also try to hook up our friends.

Runtastic Science Chunks

We like to know someone’s relationship status
A North American study found that we perceive people more positively when they share their relationship status. Especially when it comes to profiles on job-related websites.

Single? Talk to yourself
It’s always nice to have someone to talk to who endorses us and cheers us up – especially in difficult phases of our lives. In this case, soliloquizing (talking to yourself) can actually help when addressing yourself as “you” or with your name. As in “Nina, you can do this!” Researchers from the University of Michigan are convinced that this helps us cope better with our thoughts and emotions.

Women promote health
In around 80% of families it’s the women who do the grocery shopping. If these ladies choose veggies, fruits, salads, potatoes, legumes, etc. everyone will benefit from those decisions – the women themselves, their men, kids and even the pets.


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