Spring, Sun & Good Moods

Science Chunks

April brings butterflies in the stomach, the sun’s warm rays and happy minds. We have found some info on all of these for you.

Early 40’s are when Austrians run marathons

On average, marathon runners in our native Austria are 42.3 years old and cross the finish line after 3:50 hours. Females who run marathons are 41.1 years on average and finish in about 4:13 hours.

UV radiation lowers blood pressure

Two research teams found out that sunlight makes veins more flexible and therefore lowers blood pressure. The UV rays create nitric oxide which “relaxes” the blood vessels.

More exercise = better mood – but is the opposite also true?

There are many studies that show that physical exercise has a positive effect on our mood. But is a better mood also conducive to more exercise? In the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, a study involving obese participants on a weight loss program was published. The daily moods of the participants were examined on active and inactive days. The results showed that an improvement in their daily mood led to more motivation for exercise and a higher intensity.

Mood affects our eating habits

At the University of Delaware they found out that people who were in a good mood chose healthy foods (e.g. grapes instead of bonbons) and that they think more about their future health compared to people in a worse mood, who focused more on instantaneous enjoyment. Therefore, a bad mood wants us to solve our bad mood with food. Scientists of Delaware suggest we focus on improving our mood instead of reading fat content and food labels. A walk, a conversation with a friend or listening to music can all help.

Sun is good for restaurant owners

Rain brings down our mood and this affects restaurants. In sunny and warm weather, the guests are more satisfied – which is great for the waiter when it comes to getting a tip!

Marathon women

Female marathon runners lose less pace on the second half of the route compared to their male competitors. Women can keep their speed longer and more constant.


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