Sleep Better With Runtastic – The Highlights!

“I consider sleep an extremely important and exciting topic,” says Florian, our CEO. This is how the 9-part blog series Sleep Better With Runtastic was born.


In this series, several Runtastics shared their very own experiences regarding sleep. Florian let us in on his sleeping habits and what he needs for a good night’s sleep. Joachim explained how couples sleep better when sharing a bed. Kerstin knows how it feels when you don’t get a wink of sleep. Her personal tips to fight sleepless nights are definitely worth a try.

Stephanie is currently at CES in Las Vegas. She’s trying to get as much sleep as possible since she knows that sleep and physical performance are closely related. Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden, who is preparing for her DietBet, knows about the importance of sleep when it comes to a healthy weight.

Curious? Then hop over to the blog. Unveil sleeping myths, learn how stress affects your shut-eye, how sleep influences your weight, and gather many more interesting facts about sleep in our complete Sleep Series on the Runtastic blog.

Have fun & sleep tight… or should we say, sleep better?



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