Big Surprises Or Small Rituals This Valentine’s Day?

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
— Winnie the Pooh

Valentine’s Day is around the corner… any ideas about what your special someone is preparing for you? Classic red roses, heart-shaped chocolates, maybe some lace lingerie or a surprise? What gift has the power to make women really happy on this special day?

The bigger the surprise, the happier?

Surprises are exciting, yes. But they’re kind of risky, too. Planned a romantic dinner & casino night, then it turns out your loved one is not into gambling? I actually know very few men who’d willingly prepare a surprise for Valentine’s Day. So… why don’t you guys try another, more relaxed approach this year and forget about the pressure to live up to (mostly unknown) expectations?

If you haven’t tried our partner test “How well do you know me?” and you’re not sure which kind of gift would delight your significant other – then we’ve got a bunch of ideas for you…

What women want (too)

Do you remember what you did for Valentine’s Day two years ago? No? Thought so. How about New Year’s Eve 2012? Oh, now you remember! Why? Because I’m sure you celebrate New Year’s Eve every single year in generally the same way with dinner and drinking at a party to ring in the New Year. In Austria, for example, you’ll see people have fondue for dinner, watch “Dinner for One” on TV and then tell fortunes after midnight. It doesn’t have to be something new and extreme in order for it to be a night to remember.

Rituals completely lack the surprise factor, yet that’s probably exactly why we love them so much! We like to take a walk down memory lane, remember things we’ve been doing and loving for years.

A friend once told me, proudly: “We’ve been spending Valentine’s Day like this for the last five years: We order a big Hawaiin pizza and watch ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. We really look forward to this day and always enjoy our little, romantic ritual.”

It’s often the small things that make the biggest impression.

Valentine’s Day is too commercial for you?

Are you one of those who claim that every day is like Valentine’s Day in your relationship? Congrats, I’m impressed. Or are your one of those who refuse to jump on the bandwagon? Well, then hear me out: Even though some women state that they don’t care about Valentine’s Day at all, they’ll definitely appreciate a little something. Take her heart by storm with a sweet message like drawing a bunch of flowers on a post-it or writing a short’n’sweet note and sticking it onto her desk, steering wheel or bathroom mirror – I’m sure she’ll love it. Plus, it’s much more romantic than sending over a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message on WhatsApp.

The best part: You can easily turn that post-it message into a yearly Valentine’s ritual.

Remember, whether it’s a big surprise or a small ritual (hugs and cuddling count, too!) — all that counts is that it comes from the heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bye for now,


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