Runtastic Sports Drinks Alternatives

“The cure for anything is salt water –
sweat, tears, or the sea.”

Is salt water also a magic cure for athletes?  Can the right liquid boost my performance?

To help you stay hydrated during your next run to boost your performance, I prepared a short overview of ideal sports drinks alternatives before, during and after your workout, including some mix-your-own recipes. Enjoy 🙂

For leisure athletes (workouts < 1 hour); before/during/after your workout

Hypotonic drinks:
Perfect for quick hydration.

  • mineral water (or tap water)
  • cold teas (herbal, fruit)
  • non-alcoholic beer

Runtastic Sports Drink

For intense workouts (> 1 hour); before/after your workout

Isotonic drinks:
Are reabsorbed very quickly and make up for the loss of liquids and electrolytes.

  • Iso drinks
  • Mix juices and carbonated mineral water 1:1

Runtastic Sports Drink

Tip:  Use non-carbonated or lightly carbonated mineral water to go easy on your stomach.

After intense workouts (> 1 hour); post-workout (not necessary for most leisure athletes)

Hypertonic drinks:
Due to their high sugar content they’re great for filling up your glycogen stores, but can’t substitute liquids.

  • Sports drinks (regeneration)
  • Fruit juices,100 %
  • Malt beer
  • Soft drinks

Runtastic Sports Drink

Tip:  As a general rule, hypotonic or isotonic drinks are healthier than hypertonic drinks, even post-workout.

During > 1 hour workouts, make sure you drink 150 – 250ml every 15 – 20 minutes.  Please don’t add sweetener to your sports drinks, as this can lead to diarrhea.  The ideal sports drink is not carbonated and does not contain alcohol or caffeine.

Have fun trying these sports drinks alternatives 🙂

Bye for now,

P.S.:  Just as not everybody wears shoe size 8, giving nutrition advice that’s true for everybody is quite hard. Therefore, it is vital to consider also individual parameters like nutrient needs, physical constitution, tolerance, etc.



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