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Recently I asked myself the question whether fitness is important for a professional poker player. The answer is clearly 100% YES!

In a poker tournament, fitness and stamina are in high demand. The bigger poker tournaments with main events can last up to one week. One day in a tournament can go on for up to 14 hours, and at the end of such a long haul, it is very important to be fit and able to concentrate. Otherwise hair-raising mistakes can be made which are punished mercilessly by your opponent. To maintain full concentration over such a long time requires very good physical fitness and focus which can certainly not be gained just at the poker table.

Erich Kollmann am Pokertisch
Erich Kollmann & poker table


I have found that endurance sports such as running, cycling and mountain biking help me with my focus and stamina. runtastic is an excellent tool where you can create your individual training, monitor and evaluate it.

I have been a bit sluggish lately, you may call it lazy, and that actually makes the point better. runtastic has helped me gain back the motivation and re-inspired me to be more ambitious with my fitness training.

My activities on runtastic show me that I am still not at the fitness level of where I would like to be, but step-by-step I’m improving. My times are constantly getting better and my weight is dropping, slowly but surely.

Erich Kollmann
Erich Kollmann


Due to many international tournaments, I travel a lot and runtastic is a very convenient way for me to track and monitor my fitness. I have told other poker players t about the advantages of using the runtastic apps. Hopefully I can convince them of my bluffs too.

You can follow my training on, I would be happy to welcome you as a friend. See what tournament I’ll be at next on my homepage as well as on Facebook:  and Twitter:

Erich “Coolman” Kollmann

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