Start the action with runtastic!

Nowadays it is not common anymore going out and see kids running or riding their bikes, instead they are sitting in front of the TV or PC all day long, reason why 30% of children are overweight; here is where runtastic comes to action, helping children to exercise in a funny way, that they enjoy, and that is giving them the motivation to start moving, but this is not the only reason why our users like runtastic so much…

Talking about motivation, 54% of consumers claim motivation is their key reason for not exercising; with runtastic you get tons of motivation and with all its other amazing features nothing will stop you to put on your sport shoes and start moving!

Enjoy the nature! Breathe the fresh air! Feel the sun in your skin! Reach your goals! 76% of sportsmen workout without guidance or at home, runtastic will lead you to turn your goals into accomplishments; it will also encourage you to go out and practice outdoor sports, with its GPS tracking, geotagging,…

And this is only the beginning, making a healthier world is our goal, start the action with runtastic like all of our users did and stop being part of this statistics!!!


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