5 Breakfast Recipes under 350 Calories for a Healthy Start to the Day

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Many people skip breakfast, either for lack of time or ideas. Now, those days are a thing of the past with these five breakfast ideas! These meals are quick to prepare and full of variety. And some of them will help make meal prep a breeze!

1. Protein pancakes

These fluffy protein pancakes are perfect when you are short on time in the morning. Mix all the ingredients, cook the pancakes in a pan and garnish them with lots of fresh fruit. Get a big boost of protein to start your day.

One serving of pancakes (without topping) has 340 calories, 26 g of carbohydrates, 27 g of protein and 13 g of fat.

2. Zesty breakfast muffins

Hungry for something savory for breakfast? Then these egg & veggie muffins are just what you’re looking for. They go great with a slice of whole-grain bread. This protein-packed recipe should definitely become a meal prep staple!

One breakfast muffin has 107 calories, 1.5 g of carbohydrates, 10 g of protein and 6 g of fat.

3. Dairy-Free Carrot-Walnut Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Why not! These dairy-free carrot-walnut cookies are low in calories but packed with flavor. The yummy combo of carrot, walnut and cinnamon smells and tastes like autumn.

One cookie has 135 calories, 14 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of protein and 7 g of fat.

4. Baked oatmeal with fruit

This baked oatmeal with blueberries is packed full of fresh, natural ingredients. It keeps you feeling full and satisfied longer.

One serving of baked oatmeal has 215 calories, 16 g of carbohydrates, 7 g of protein and 13 g of fat.

5. Chocolatey banana smoothie

This vegan smoothie is not only a great post-workout drink, but a delicious breakfast. The smoothie is vegan, high in protein and a good source of carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.
Our tip: Add a pinch of cinnamon to your banana smoothie. The winter spice not only smells amazing, but it warms you from the inside out.

One glass has 340 calories, 45 g of carbohydrates, 12 g of protein and 11 g of fat.

Here are a few tips for preparing the perfect breakfast:

  • Get an early start on your “5-a-day”: Eating fruit and vegetables on a regular basis improves your health and reduces your risk of illness. Mix some baby spinach in your smoothie, garnish your pancakes with fresh fruit or try adding grated zucchini to your oatmeal. The more colorful your meals, the better!
  • Don’t forget about hydration: Your body loses water as you sleep. Therefore, it is important to replace these lost fluids in the morning. A big glass of water with fresh lemon is a good way to kick-start your metabolism.
  • Choose a good mix of macronutrients: A breakfast with a good balance of carbohydrates and protein keeps you feeling full longer.
  • Stick with complex carbohydrates: Always opt for foods high in complex carbohydrates (like oatmeal or whole-grain bread) in the morning. The fiber contained within keeps your blood sugar stable and ensures you won’t get hungry again until lunchtime.



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