5 Tips To Stay Fit On Vacation

by Hilda Landrum

I am constantly surprised by how many people ask for advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit on vacation.  For a large majority of people, it seems that the days of pigging out and leaving your hard work back home have passed. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track without blowing the “fun factor.”

1. Book an active tour: Weather you are a land mammal or self proclaimed mermaid, there are tours for everyone, pretty much all over the world that promote physical activity.  From walking tours to kayaking in the open ocean and everything in between. It is easy to find tours that help you burn calories and stay fit on vacation, while enjoying your dream destination.

Hilda Landrum

2. Try the local produce:  Though much of the same produce can now easily be found around the globe, fresh is ALWAYS best and NEW produce can blow your taste buds away!  I always say that eating food that has been imported doesn’t compare to eating it fresh in it’s native country. I have come across some of the most unique & delicious produce while traveling.  Ask a local where you can find a farmers market or a fruit stand and DIG IN!

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3. Utilize your hotel facilities:  Most hotels have a gym and pool these days making it easier than ever to stay fit on vacation. Weather you are in the African bush or the beaches of Mexico, I can almost assure you that there is a gym or at least a swimming pool on or near your property.  USE THEM!  The majority of properties include the cost of using these facilities in your cost so why not get your moneys worth?  There are 1,440 minutes in a day, it can’t hurt to take JUST 40 of those to treat your body right, right?  The saying goes “you will never regret a workout, but you will always regret skipping one”.

4. No gym? No pool? No problem:  If you can invest in a TRX suspension system, I highly recommend it.  This is a small and hassle free piece of equipment that you can easily pack in your luggage.  It gives you a means to get a FULL BODY workout anywhere you are, and I mean anywhere.  No money for a TRX? Buy a jump rope and a few resistance bands. Using just these tools and your own body weight can also give you a killer workout and stay fit on vacation.

5. Don’t forget to drink water:  When we are on “holiday mode” it is easy to forget to drink enough water.  We can get caught up sampling local beers, foo foo drinks or flat out just forgetting to drink anything at all if you are a busy traveler.  However, when you are traveling, it is actually extremely important to stay hydrated.  Things like alcohol actually dehydrate your body so you want to make sure to be drinking just as much or more water while you are on holiday, especially if you are drinking alcohol.  Water will help flush out toxins, fuel your brain, your body and help keep you healthy enough to enjoy the vacation you have been looking forward to!

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Now that you have some tips to help you stay on fit on vacation and not completely mistreat your body while at your dream destination– Ciao & safe travels!

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Hilda has a degree in Health Education, is a Certified Personal trainer, travel blogger/travel planner and a mom to her 5 year old daughter. Hilda has mixed her passion for a fit lifestyle, 18 years of experience, and her desire to explore the world.  Thru her tangible and online avenues, she provides health, fitness and travel advice to people all over the world. Her travel blog was first runner up for “Best New Weblog 2013”. Check out her adventures of wanderlust and wellness at www.worldworthwandering.com.





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