Launch of the Runtastic Holiday Guide: Stay Fit & Slim During Christmas

The pre-holiday season is a very special time of year for most of us. While looking forward to spending some relaxed days with our family and friends, we sometimes get stressed out trying to find gifts and finish off urgent tasks at work. The weather is wet, cold and grey, and all the while the days can be incredibly short.

This mixture is the perfect bait for our weaker self. During this time of year, most of us neglect our fitness and outdoor activities. Add eggnog and gingerbread – and the pounds can add up. The holidays, where too much beef roast, ham, sweets and alcohol meet too little exercise, are the final straw. Holiday season is – we have to admit it – the worst enemy of our health and ideal weight.

Stay Fit & Slim Through the Holidays
Stay Fit & Slim Through the Holidays

Say no to holiday flab this year – Runtastic is by your side!

It can be different this year! Staying slim during Christmas is not difficult at all, if you know how to do it! And that’s where we come into play: We will help you succeed with our Runtastic Holiday Guide “Stay Fit & Slim Through the Holidays.”

Starting today, until the end of January, you will find tips and tricks on how to avoid typical calorie traps during holiday feasts and gatherings while still enjoying some  festive treats. We’ll share recipes for delicious yet low-cal Christmas cookies and more! We will slip into the role of Santa Claus and present a gift guide for the perfect fitness gifts, too. We will reveal the best hangover workouts for “the day after the party” to help you overcome even the nastiest post-party hangovers!

And last but not least, we’ve got something extra special in store for you: We will have the “Christkind” compete against Santa Claus in the ultimate fitness challenge! Let’s find out who is fitter once and for all – and let’s give those two Christmas stars some individual workout tips!

Join us in our efforts to combat Christmas flab and the holiday-induced “exercise blues!” We’re excited to get started on this exciting journey through a fit & slim holiday season, with YOU!


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