Success Story of Anke Mössner – From Couch potato to Athlete

If you told Anke 20 months ago, that she will do sports several times a week and have fun with it – she would not have believed it.

But our power user managed to overcome her weaker self with the runtastic PRO app and the runtastic gold membership. She mutated from a lazy couch potato into an enthusiastic athlete. Today, Anke loves cycling and nordic walking several times a week. Overall, she completed more than 3.000 km activities in about 20 months and as a result she burnt a lot of calories.

Ankes success story started when she was waiting for her new car and had to reach her work by bike.  Every day, she used an iPhone and the runtastic PRO app during her sports activities and was fascinated how exactly she could track her activities. Soon Anke became addicted to kilometers, calories and pace.

Anke is a runtastic gold member and she really loves the runtastic gold features, especially the weekly fitness reports, statistics and analysis about her performance. The comparisons of the last weeks in the fitness reports give Anke an extra push to improve her performance and to reach new records. The fast growing number of kilometers, calorie consumption and altitude motivates her every day and she feels satisfied and really good.

With 43 years, Anke participated in the Woman’s Run  in Köln and reached in her age category/discipline place 26. Training has become an important part of her life and she cannot imagine a week, she does not work out.

We wish Anke all the best for the future and still much fun & motivation with the runtastic PRO app and gold membership!

Go, go, go Anke!

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