Story Running: Discover A New Horizon With The Carrier Of Truth III

by Stephen M.

Just in time for the launch of our brand-new Story Run, one of our users tells you about his experience on his quest to escape beyond the walls of Alcatraz.

Runtastic Story Running

Monday morning, up early! Protein shake, check; sneakers, check; Runtastic; add Runtastic Story Running and I’m good to go. A perfect combination for my 4 mile run. I use Runtastic Story Running to break up the monotony of my runs on the treadmill. It is perfect for me to allow my mind to undertake an imaginary journey and relieve some stress.

Runtastic Story Running

My name is Stephen. I have been running for 20+ years. I first heard about Story Running from Masta Ace, a well-known rapper who has written some of the best concept albums, such as Disposable Arts. He is also in one of my favorite groups, EMC, with rappers @MrStricklin_EMC and @Wordsworth_EMC.

I was intrigued when Masta Ace informed me he was collaborating with Runtastic as I have been using this app since 2009.

The first story I ran to was The Carrier of Truth I. Without unveiling too much of the plot, it’s about a prisoner escaping from Alcatraz. What I liked about this story was the different tempos and dialogue it added. It helped me to run more effortlessly since I wasn’t worrying about my distance or time, but captivated by the story and the character’s journey to escape.

In the sequel, The Carrier of Truth II, our character has escaped and is now looking for answers to all his questions. He has to retrieve something and find a long-lost friend. Both stories are well-written and allowed me to push myself while listening. I found myself running faster because I was trying to match my running pace to the tempo of the music. This actually caused my pace to increase without me even realizing it. Plus, before I knew it, I had completed 4.5 miles instead of 4! So cool!

The stories were really exciting & entertaining and I plan to run to the other Story Runs provided by Runtastic, too. I have been looking forward to The Carrier of Truth III ever since I finished part two to see where the story goes next. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and I’m eager to find out the answers! Will the character find the truth he has been seeking, will he be able to save his long-lost friend, and will the truth come out about his sweetheart??

One thing I know for sure: I will be listening to more Story Runs and mentally traveling to different places while running with my Runtastic app. Keep up the good work and I will keep story running!

How it works

If you’re not a Runtastic user yet, download the Runtastic app on your phone. Story Runs are available both in the free LITE version and within Runtastic PRO. Start the app and navigate to “Story Running” in the drawer menu, then download “The Carrier of Truth.“ Plug in your earphones, lace up, start an activity – and run!

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