Story Running: Run Across Austria & Experience Moments Of Bliss!

A Runtastic Story Run in cooperation with Austrian Tourism Office

Runtastic momente die bleiben

Yet again, we have a brand-new Runtastic Story Run for you! This time, you’ll discover three of Austria’s most beautiful spots. Get to know Vienna, the majestic capital, the perfect, rural idyll at lake Weissensee in Carinthia and the wild, alpine nature along the Lech river in Tyrol. Slip into the role of architect Stefan who makes an escape from his stressful work life to spend a few, relaxed days in Austria. But, there’s more: He’ll meet up with his old college friends – and that sure involves lots of fun…

Ines Häufler, the author of this Story Run, is both story consultant and author, and lives in Vienna. In her role as story consultant, she has been part of the Runtastic Story Running project right from the start and knows every last detail about the format. However, Story Running isn’t just a work thing for Ines:

“Before I got the chance to collaborate with the Runtastic team as a story consultant for the Story Running format, I really wasn’t into sports. But it was impossible to work on such an innovative product like Story Running without testing it myself. By now, I head out for a run three times per week and actually, really enjoy the exercise. Quite impressive what Story Runs can do for your fitness!”

Ines debuts as a Story Run author with “Moments of Bliss”

“I was very happy and excited when I got the offer to write a Story Run about my home country, Austria. First of all, because I love running in the stunning gardens of the Palace of Schönbrunn – my Instagram account is full of evidence – but also because I’m a big fan of Austria. This country has just so much to offer! Sometimes I’m sad I don’t have more time to discover my own homeland.

Thanks to Runtastic Story Running I got the chance to share my love for Austria with many other people by creating this inspiring story. The fact that the main character is running, just like the Runtastic users while listening to the story, was an exciting setting and required an innovative approach to talking about Austria’s most beautiful landscapes and faces. I had to imagine myself running across Vienna or along a lake. A great possibility to draw the attention to our fascinating country and to motivate people from here and all over the world to spend their vacation here.”

By the way, the entire Story Run was made in Austria: The whole production team is composed of native Austrians. Author Ines was especially thrilled to be able to count on the expertise of well-known Austrian electronic musician duo Ogris Debris for her Story Run’s incredible sound experience.

”There are several parts in this Story Run where the music pushes me to give it my all! Viennese coffee house charm mixed with electronic beats, old meets new, a great story!”

What exactly can you expect from the Story Run “Moments of Bliss?”

You slip into the role of Stefan, an architect, who gets an unexpected call from an old college friend. That friend has planned a meet-up with the old clique in Tyrol. Stefan seizes the chance to take a few days off and unwind. His trip leads him to Vienna first, then he visits an old friend and former romance in Carinthia, and he concludes his travels with a trail run along the Lech river in Tyrol – where he gets to feel the force of nature.

Just like the other Story Runs, this one is also based on an interval training of almost 40 minutes. This might sound exhausting, but don’t you worry, you’ll do the intervals unconsciously by following the story’s arc of suspense. You’ll sure run action-filled parts at a faster pace while automatically slowing down a bit after having mastered a moment of suspense – together with the protagonist. The Story Run functions as your personal trainer who regulates your speed and provides the necessary motivation for you to step it up a notch every now and then.

How it works

Sounds good? Great, then get going! If you’re not a Runtastic user yet, download the Runtastic app on your phone. Story Runs are available both in the free LITE version and within Runtastic PRO. Start the app and navigate to “Story Running” in the drawer menu, then download “Moments of Bliss.” Plug in your earphones, lace up, start an activity – and run!

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