Story Running: Your Journey To Weight Loss II – Practical Tips For Success

A couple weeks ago we asked our users on Facebook where they’d love a future Story Run to take them. One answer simply read “From 240 lbs to 140 lbs.” You know what? Perfect timing! We’re happy to announce the most recent addition to our Story Running selection which will help you with just that: ‘Your Journey to Weight Loss II’ is out now!

Runtastic Story Running

This new Story Run is the sequel to our Journey to Weight Loss I and comes packed with useful, easy-to-follow tips for success on your personal journey towards your ideal weight.

Runtastic Vera

Our passionate Runtastic Dietitian, Vera, has put together a list of 28 practical tips to help you stick to your goals and actually lose those extra pounds.

Learn more about why diets tend to fail, on the importance of movement, exercise & a balanced diet, as well as on the right approach to perceiving your own body.

Here’s what Vera says about the ‘Your Journey to Weight Loss’ series:

“Mexico has become the #1 country, even before the US, when it comes to being overweight. There are even obese 1-year-olds. It’s no wonder, considering they’re bottle-fed with coke. Last week I saw a documentary where Mexican mothers were shown how many sugar cubes are in the brown liquid in their babies’ bottles. They were shocked, while the little ones kept sucking at their bottles.

We’ve got something in common with those moms: we lack the necessary knowledge – on WHAT to feed our body and HOW to stay fit and healthy. This is why the first Story Run is all about a healthy diet and the second part about finding a conscious, healthy lifestyle for yourself. Because I am convinced: if you know better, you do better.”

You think running or walking is boring? Reading pages and pages filled with weight loss-related information is overwhelming? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution – listen to Vera’s concrete tips and advice while taking a walk or heading out for a run. It’s as easy as that.

Sounds good? Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn during this Story Run & what will help you reach your personal weight loss goal:

      • Calories aren’t bad – they’re the fuel your body runs on.
      • Burn an additional 500 calories with sports or save them at meal time.
      • Start small. You don’t have to do a complete 180 overnight – take it one step at a time.
      • Combine exercise with items & errands on your to do list.
      • Never skip breakfast. Remember, you need to fuel your body!
      • Cut back on alcohol – it’s a real calorie bomb.
      • Log your meals. A nutrition diary might help you realize what & how much you really eat.
      • Learn how to enjoy with all senses.
      • Take your time. Be patient with yourself.

…these and many more, interesting tips including detailed explanations and examples will support you on your way towards your desired weight. Plus, you’ll already be moving when listening to the new Story Run – and we all know, the first step is the hardest to take.

Download ‘Your Journey To Weight Loss II’ within your Runtastic app today, lace up your shoes, pop in your earphones & get started!

P.S. Have you got a genius idea for a new Story Run about nutrition & fitness? If so, we’re eager to hear more about it! It might just be our next Story Run.


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