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Results App: Update for the Health & Nutrition Guide

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, you can’t just focus on fitness and exercise – nutrition also plays a major role. There’s a reason they say that “abs are made in the kitchen.” 🙂

Have you already downloaded the Runtastic Results app and started on your 12-week training plan? Then, besides your personalized bodyweight training plan, you have surely found the Health & Nutrition tips. These contain useful tips and guide you on the way to the body you always wanted.

Screenshot of the Runtastic Results Nutrition Guide.Screenshot of the Runtastic Results Nutrition Guide.

Screenshot of the Runtastic Results Nutrition Guide.

Update your Results app: New Health & Nutrition tips
As of now, you can get everything you always wanted to know about health and nutrition right in your app. The articles are divided into four categories to help you become healthier and fitter step by step:

1. Basics: Learn how to calculate your healthy body weight and discover the role nutrition plays in whipping your body into shape.
2. Weight loss: How can I finally shed those excess kilos? How can I see my progress? And how can I cut calories in a sustainable way? Find the answers to these and many more questions in this category.
3. Muscle growth: Get useful tips and learn how you can build muscle with total body training. Plus, find out how the proper diet can help you reach your personal goals.
4. Cross-training: Read about losing weight through interval training, shaping up through swimming or running on an empty stomach – the Health & Nutrition Guide has all the information you need.

Fit with Runtastic – fit with Premium
Are you a Runtastic Premium member and already hard at work on your 12-week training plan? Awesome!  You can access the new content in the Health & Nutrition Guide immediately. Are you not yet a part of our worldwide Premium Community? Then we have a small gift for you: you can now get the first article in the Guide free of charge.

Download Runtastic Results and get fitter and stronger! #RuntasticResults #strongertogether

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  • Runtastic Team

    Dear Giampi, thanks for your feedback 😉 Unfortunately we can’t give you any updates right now, but we’ll keep it in mind.

    Your Runtastic Team

  • Runtastic Team

    Hey there, thanks for the great question! Our first question to you is, what is your diet like? If you are eating a lot of processed foods, fast food and sugar, it might be the case that you are gaining muscle and fat which is causing your legs to appear bigger. If you feel that your eating habits are very healthy and you’re on the right track – that’s awesome! As a woman, your legs will not continue to grow and grow just from bodyweight training. But, if you feel that they are already strong enough you have some options: replace the leg exercise with an abs, cardio or upper body exercise (you can browse the exercises in the “Workouts” tab) or cut the number of repetitions in half (do 10 squats instead of 20, for example). However, remember that overall fat loss comes from working the ENTIRE body not just targeting specific muscle groups. If you want to lose fat, you have to use your legs because that’s how you get your heart rate up 🙂 Hope that helps – keep up the good work!