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As soon as the race is longer than a marathon, that’s when the Austrian ultramarathon runner Alexandra Schistek shines with her amazing results. In today’s post, the 25-year-old gives us an insight into her race preparation and shows us the progress she has made over the past few months using Runtastic Results.

Running without borders
Tall, pretty, well-toned – and always with a smile on her face: This is the impression one gets of Alexandra the first time you meet her. But a closer look at her sporty jacket and her shoes reveals that this young women is a passionate runner.
But running a 10K or a (half) marathon is no longer a challenge for the 25-year-old – her passion is ultramarathon running. In an interview with the Runtastic blog, Alexandra told us that she can no longer imagine life without running. “I want to explore the world on foot and discover places seen by very few people before,” she said with enthusiasm. Whether running along The Way of St. James or participating in numerous races abroad, the Austrian feels that it is important to overcome borders. “I love nature and by sharing my experiences, I want to motivate as many people as possible to exercise outdoors.”

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“I run when I feel like it”
When we asked Alexandra how she gets ready for one of her ultramarathons, she replied with a laugh, “I don’t have a set training plan.” She added, “I give myself the freedom to run when I feel like running. So sometimes it happens that I don’t go running for a couple of days in a row – and then other times when I go every day.” Believing in her body is very important to the future doctor, “I am convinced that my body will tell me exactly what it needs and how I should train it.” This laid-back approach helps Alexandra keep running fun and interesting. And she does not decide in advance how many kilometers she will run during a particular session. “When I start running, I can’t really say how many kilometers I will go. Most of the time I just let it ‘happen.’” Of course, the length of the run depends on how much time she has available and the terrain. But “I seldom run less than 15 kilometers.”

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Digital Training History: “Pure motivation!”
Although Alexandra is an absolute wonder woman, even she has a bad day once in a while. “When I’m lacking motivation, I turn on my Runtastic app and scroll through my digital Training History,” said the 25-year-old Austrian. “Tracking my runs with Runtastic basically allows me to see every kilometer I’ve run with my mind’s eye.” Alexandra can then draw on these previous runs for motivation: “I can use them to relive a race. I remember how great it felt to explore the beautiful scenery on foot. Then there is no stopping me, I want more – I want to go outside, I want to run.” The indescribably wonderful feeling during and after a run – that is what motivates the ultramarathon runner.

Race-specific preparation
“If an Ultra-Trail race is coming up with a lot of elevation gain, I start running more mountainous routes a few weeks before the race. And I pay a lot of attention to my diet: “Generally, I eat a conscious, balanced diet,” said Alexandra, although she doesn’t follow any special nutrition plan. “My body tells me what it needs – I trust it. But that is basically it as far as any “specific” preparation is concerned. The most important thing for me is the anticipation of the upcoming race.” Looking forward to the amazing course, the breathtaking impressions and meeting old and new running partners plays a big role in my preparation. Plus, Alexandra has an extra tip for all runners: “I believe that the main reason for participating in a race should always be to have fun – and not standing up on the winners’ podium.” This is the only way to keep running fun, “and it’s the only way to stay motivated for the long-term.”

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More total-body strength through bodyweight training
Alexandra recently discovered Runtastic’s Results bodyweight training app. A good friend of hers gave her the tip: “She was raving about the app and said I had to try it. Since then, I have been doing the workouts with my own bodyweight five times a week,” said the 25-year-old. She finds the weekly training plans really helpful. “It wasn’t long before I noticed my entire body getting stronger and putting on muscle because of the regular bodyweight training.” But why does a runner need so much strength? “By improving your muscle quality, you significantly lower your risk of injury. Plus, a strong core and strong legs are very important for running – especially for long distances. For my ultramarathon races, I have to sustain a smooth, fluid stride for very long periods of time.”
A well-trained body, a love of exercising and stamina – these are Alexandra’s ingredients for overcoming any supposed performance limit.

How do you get ready for a race? Are you using Runtastic Results and have you gotten stronger? Or have you shed some excess weight (by running)? Tell us about your great success and perhaps you too can soon read your own story on our blog! Send us your success story in the form of a short text as well as some before and after photos to We look forward to hearing from you!


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