Succes Story of Elisabeth Knoll

All of her life Elisabeth had been a slim girl who did not worry about her weight – she never did sports because she had no motivation for it. If you would have told Elisabeth that we would run a 6 kilometer run in 35 minutes with just 3 weeks of training – she would not have believed it.

But she did it and she finally became a sports fan with the runtastic PRO app and the runtastic fitness portal. Elisabeth was tired of just hanging out with friends – she wanted to start doing sports with them and let people know that she CAN do it. Elisabeth heard about runtastic from her friends and she was that interested that she tested the runtastic PRO app the next day. After using the app with live tracking and cheering the first time, she knew that running isn’t that boring as she thought it would be. At first she almost couldn’t run a kilometer, but she set her goal high and wanted to successfully join a 6 kilometer run-event.

And guess what – she DID IT in just 35 minutes.

Elisabeth’s success story started the day she got to know runtastic. The next day she was already out on track with a friend of her. Elisabeth was very happy that runtastic can be used on the iPhone and that there is a practical sports band to keep it with you easily. The first training days were very hard but after a week she enjoyed running and all the cheerings of her friends motivated her a lot.

Every time a training run was completed, she looked at her session on the runtastic fitness portal and analyzed her run. Of course she also figured out who has cheered her on during her run. After the second week of training for her run, she really got used to run and didn’t want to stop it any more. The runtastic voice feedback gave her all the important information without one look at the screen. Finally the day where Elisabeth did her first running event has come. She was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the support of all the fans who came to enjoy this running event. Elisabeth did the run with the runtastic PRO app constantly keeping her up to date with all the important information such as distance, speed and time. After 35 minutes she finished her first but not last run and she was very proud. Elisabeth explained that with doing sports she feels even healthier than before and her body got even more in shape.

We wish Elisabeth all the best for the future and still much fun & motivation with the runtastic PRO app and the runtastic membership!

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