Success Story of Brittany Morrow

I weighed 274lbs January 1, 2010. Today my weight is 135lbs, height is 5foot 2 inches. No weight loss surgery, just hard work. January 2010 I had some female health problems and needed surgery to correct that female issue. In my pre-op work up the doctors became concerned because my resting blood pressure was very high and they had to roll me on my left side and get the “special” extra large blood pressure cuff. I was also told I needed to lose 20 pounds before they could perform a safe surgery as I was so morbidly obese and my heart could stop. I got on the heart healthy diet (lifestyle now) and began some cardio once I got down to 200lbs and began running since my co-workers were running a jingle bell 5k in November 2010. And I ran my 1st 5k over a year ago and got hooked.

If you had told me 2 years ago, “hey lets go for a 5 mile or even 1 mile run” I would have cried. Even as a child I battled with weight and exercise. Exercise was scary and painful, why would anyone want to do that? The 1st 6 months of exercise was painful and I really didn’t feel any benefits. I think that’s why the obese fail at working out, it does take time and nothing magically happens overnight. But eventually I did enjoy running and zoning out. It’s a good time to go over your day and let your body physically take over; give your mind some time off. I am still losing weight and recently got a dog to run with me. I researched dogs for a few months before deciding on a breed that could physically run with me and would enjoy it as much as I do and could endure the climate of Alabama. I got a Rhodesian ridgeback through a rescue organization. My Rhodesian ridgeback is the best running partner ever. She even keeps a steady pace and forces me to up my pace. They are great running dogs and she has taught me more about how to run than I even thought a dog could. She looks at me almost as if to say, hey your breathing wrong, or that’s a bad form. She runs with her head up and shoulders back, so I should too. I love my runtastic app!!! It keeps me in check on my trail runs! And with my dog the trail runs aren’t as scary for woman that’s alone. They are very protective of their property (their humans).

If I could tell anyone out there that is obese and wants help, do your own research on food and exercise and get a healthy lifestyle, diets don’t work they are out there to take your money. And the Doctors that want to give you a pill or shot to help you lose weight are setting you up for failure and more weight gain. Just eat well and play as hard as you can and life will be good. Don’t eat your feeling express them, no matter what. Since the weight loss I am more aggressive and confrontational. I saw Jona Hill on a talk show talking about his weight loss and how he has the same personality changes. Loose the weight and find out who you really are inside and live a longer higher quality life.

Congratulations on your weight loss Brittany! Team runtastic is very proud of your accomplishment and wishes you all the best for your future!

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