Success Story of Giampi Frello – our official Italian translator and runtastic power user

This is the story of an ordinary man who never did any sport ’till the age of 40 and who in the last 4 months run 2 full marathons.

Everything started around 3 years ago when I was sent by company to work in India, specifically in Chennai in the south of India. I soon realized that I had to do
something for my body as I was becoming very fat, reaching a weight of 93 kg with an height of 1.8 meters.

The natural step was to start running although tunning in a 8.5 million people town like Chennai, in India, that is notoriously dirty and chaotic, requires a huge willing. I immediately understood that I needed some motivation and I found it in my Android smartphone with a well known application for GPS tracking. However I like to experiment new applications and finally I bumped in runtastic, at that moment in version 1.3 I think, and became addicted.

The rest is the logical consequence, lots of solo run, some small races until my first marathon last year in Colombo (Sri Lanka) under atrocious weather conditions
(more than 34 degrees with humidity higher than 90%). At the crossing of the finish line I was disappointed of my performance and confident I could do better
therefore in the next days I signed for Auroville full marathon due on February 12th, 2012. runtastic helped me even more with its runtastic training plans developed by Dieter Baumann. I selected the full marathon with time below 4h 30′ in 16 weeks.

However I could not fullfill all the training sessions planned due to a early event and a couple of weeks of low training affected by real life issues.
In the end the overall time of 5h 20′ and a final placement of 77th over 285 people can be considered a success. But I’m confident I can go easily below the 5 hours
and that is my next challenge, always with runtastic and its training plans.

Only one regret: in both my marathon runs I could not use my smartphone a cause of the high humidity that I was afraid could damage it. Therefore I really welcome the big piece of news of the introduction in the market of the first runtastic GPS watch. But for my training session I will always use runtastic for Android as I love the voice feedback and the cheering.

Finally, I’m now 78 kg, it seems quite a success, don’t you?


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Team runtastic congratulates you on your success Giampi, we are really grateful to have such a great power user and really appreciate your help and support, THANK YOU and keep on moving!

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