Success Story of Lisa Lewis – running with runtastic is much more fun than before!

I have been using runtastic for about 6 weeks, and running has never been as fun for me as it is now!  I used to get bored on my runs and get frustrated when I would have to manually calculate my miles, pace, etc.  Now with the click of a button, runtastic calculates everything for me! Hearing the mile markers from my phone motivates me to push harder and run farther. I love that my statistics are automatically recorded for me for different time intervals, and I do not have to do a thing. Now I can see how my pace has gotten faster each week, and I can see trends within each run, since my statistics are recorded for each mile of my run. On days when I do not feel like running, I almost always go out anyways because I want to add onto my runtastic mileage.

My favorite feature by far though, is the Live Cheering.  I LOVE when I am running and a friend or family member, or even a complete stranger cheers me on during my run.  It makes every run feel like a race, and I always go faster when someone is cheering me on!  My mom also uses runtastic.  When I saw on her map that she was going up a difficult hill, I sent cheers to her until she reached the top.  She was so excited.  She called me and said “I would have never made it up the hill without hearing your cheers!”

Using runtastic has made running so fun and exciting for me, and has motivated me to run my first marathon this fall – something I had never even thought about until now.   I will have my runtastic with me the whole race, and I know I couldn’t finish without it!

Team runtastic wishes Lisa all the best for the marathon and her future!

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