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When I turned 30 I said to myself that I want to change something in my life. I stopped smoking which caused a continuous weight gain till the point where I made it to 125 kilos on the scale. In order to fight this I also changed my nutrition. Sweets and fast-food was totally banned and I really tried to eat nothing else than healthy food. White bread was replaced by whole-grain bread and instead of hefty meals I started to eat any variation of salad. One thing I didn’t give up was eating a piece of cake at times or going to have dinner at a fancy restaurant once in a while. In addition to the change of my nutrition I started to do regular runs twice a week which had a distance of up to 8 km each. In this period of time runtastic helped me a lot and kept me motivated. After a short time I recognized the first little successes and was very excited about that. Because of the fact that I am a great fan of statistics I loved to see how the progress can be monitored on the runtastic fitness portal and can be analyzed thanks to all the great features there.









With runtastic doing sports seems to be so easy. Just start the runtastic app, choose the music you like and here we go. Furthermore I did a lot of reading of special magazines and articles about sports and running where I could find great tipps. During the last period of time I did 3 runs each week where each had a distance of up to 15 km. runtastic was my faithful companion all the time. At the moment my weight doesn’t drop that fast anymore but still I made it to loose 25 kilos till now.

At the weekend I attended my first official running event and I was able to reach my goal of passing the Kiel-run (10.5 km) in less than 57 minutes. My next goal will be another 10k and after this I would like to run a half-marathon. Another challenge I am really looking foward to overcome is to reach the 1000 km mark with the help of runtastic.

runtastic has been a faithful companion during my way to become a healthier and more dynamic person and all the different features of runtastic (app and web) make my sports activities to a completely new and positive experience.

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