Syncing Part II: Syncing With Runtastic

Thanks for coming back for Part II! If you missed the first post about syncing and would like to catch up, please check out Syncing Part I: How Does Syncing Work? for a quick intro to the topic.

Now that we’re all up to speed – did you know you’ve already been syncing with Runtastic? Automatic syncing is built into Runtastic 5.0 and newer versions and it’s also built into apps across the Runtastic Ecosystem to make the syncing of data a seamless process for our users. Pretty cool, right? To make sure you know exactly what we mean… When you’ve completed an activity with one of our Runtastic apps and you see something like this…

Runtastic syncing

… you’re uploading and syncing with the Runtastic Ecosystem.

This means: The workout you recorded with the app can be seen from within the app and within your account on! Likewise, if you manually enter a workout on, something like this will show up in your app!

Runtastic syncing

 Tada – everything is synced!


If you chose not to create a free Runtastic account from within one of our apps, then all your data is stored in your phone. This works, but it means if you lose your phone (or it suddenly dies in some irreparable manner) you’d lose all your workout data, too. Bummer. Based on this reason alone, we suggest you head over to and sign up for a free account so you’ll never lose your data. You can also do this from within your favorite Runtastic app!

So… now you know! Some key syncing points to remember:

      • Two devices or locations are needed
      • Each device populates the other with your most recent data
      • Runtastic apps automatically sync after activity
      • However, data isn’t synced if you don’t have a Runtastic account


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