Join Now ➤ Team Early Birds vs. Team Night Owls – Which Group are You Running For?

Season challenge

Are you ready to slip into your running shoes and spring forward with us? Join our competition for everyone who likes to run in the morning or evening, run your heart out, and help your team come out ahead!

Team Early Birds vs. Team Night Owls – Which Group are You Running For?

Team Early Birds vs. Team Night Owls – two teams will compete against each other from April 1-14, 2019.

Time to get moving:

Are you a morning person and you love to run when you wake up? Then join Team Early Birds. Or do you prefer an evening run after work and enjoy running in the dark? Team Night Owls is the group for you!

How to Join

Download the Runtastic app on your phone, available for iOS and Android. Select whether you would like to join Team Early Birds or Team Night Owls:


As soon as you have signed up for one of the teams, you can get started. You’ll find your group in the Runtastic app under “Profile” – then tap “Groups & Communities”.

How much do I have to run? What can I win?

Run at least 10 km from April 1-14, 2019. Every run you track with the Runtastic app counts.

The group with the most participants wins: five participants in the winning group who have run at least 10 km will be awarded adidas packs (1 pack includes a pair of adidas Ultraboost 19 running shoes, one running shirt, and a pair of running tights). In addition, each member of the winning team will be emailed a free Runtastic Running Guide.

What are you waiting for? Download the Runtastic app, join Team Early Birds or Team Night Owls, and win great prizes!*

*Read the eligibility requirements here.



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