Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary — How Runtastic has Evolved Since 2009

By Orlane Murat, Talent Scout at Runtastic

Pop the champagne, Runtastic just celebrated its 10th anniversary! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see how far we’ve come and how much the health and fitness company has evolved over the past 10 years.

It all started 10 years ago…

We all know the story (at least if you’ve been following us for a while). What started as a small university project turned into an amazing company with employees from more than 36 nations working together to provide our users with the best digital running and training experience.

October 2019 – Celebrating this decade of accomplishments!

As you can imagine, growing from a “four-man show” to a full-blown company means going through a good deal of changes. Here are a few (fun) facts we can share:

In 10 years,

… we grew from 4 to 250 team members

… we switched to our brand new Headquarters office (don’t worry, we still have desks)



… we expanded to three offices in Linz, Vienna, and Salzburg

… we grew from an Austrian-only company to a multicultural team with 36 nationalities

… we transitioned to an Agile company

… we went from one Runtastic app in German only to offering our apps in 15 languages (thanks to our wonderful Communications team)!

… we’ve eaten many cakes together

… we’ve welcomed a lot of Runtastic babies

… we added 3 stripes to our logo

adidas Runtastic logos then and now

What hasn’t changed: our team spirit! We’re still totally convinced that our success is thanks to our strong team, and a look back at the past decade showed us how much we’ve grown together.

…and the journey is not over. We’re looking forward to the next ten years and more. Interested? Join the Runtastic family now!

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