The 5 Most Impressive Runtastic Success Stories of 2015

Fitter, healthier and more active: We would like to accompany you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. The great number of success stories our users have shared with us demonstrates that we have helped many people change their lives for the better. We have already reported on the top 5 weight loss success stories with Runtastic. Seeing as the new year is just around the corner, we thought we would recap the 5 most impressive success stories of 2015. So read on, and let these stories inspire you – you can do it, too!

Joe: “In one year, I walked more than 1,600 km!”
Joe Hilyar’s story is impressive. He had been overweight his whole life, but faced with tipping 150 kg, drastically rising blood sugar levels and joint problems, he made a decision to change his life. Joe turned his diet upside down and began to exercise. He would leave the house early in the morning and start walking. And that every day, even in -40°C temperatures. There were no excuses. He used Runtastic to track his route, which helped motivate him. Since October 2012, Joe has walked over 5,000 km and burned nearly 600,000 calories. In this way, he has lost 60 kg and was even able to reverse his Type 2 diabetes. Read more about his story.

Joe Hilyar

Rainer: “Just don’t give up, I’m going to break the world record.”
7 days on a treadmill. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Rainer Predl took on this challenge. With the help of Runtastic, he succeeded in running 852.46 km on a treadmill in 7 days, thus setting a new world record. He ran from 6 in the morning to 2 at night, only taking short breaks to sleep for a few of hours. Rainer experienced cramping, pains and was close to giving up more than once. And yet, Rainer made it.


Thomas: “Mountain biking is now my great passion.”
Thomas’ story started in the hospital. During a routine OP, complications arose, so Thomas was put in an induced coma and had to undergo several emergency surgeries. At the time, he weighed more than 200 kg. An arduous path of regular physiotherapy lay before him. Until he decided to change his life completely. By changing his diet and exercising regularly, Thomas succeeded in losing 120 kg. What is his favorite type of sport? Mountain biking is his great passion. Thomas is convinced that everyone can achieve his or her goals with discipline, just like him.

2.10.Thomas (1)

Daniel: “Doing sports together is the best motivation!”
The story of Daniel and his girlfriend shows that training together not only strengthens your body, but your relationship as well. A few years ago, they didn’t feel comfortable in their own skin, so they made the mutual decision to do something about it. The couple started running together regularly, and thanks to Runtastic they could track and analyze their runs. This is when they fell in love with running. Now, Daniel already has 3 half marathons under his belt and his girlfriend is training for her first race at this distance. These days, their lives are unthinkable without fitness, a healthy diet and an enhanced awareness of their own bodies.

Runtastic Success Story

Alexandra: “Pain passes, but pride lasts forever.”
Have you ever heard of an ultramarathon? In contrast to the standard 42 km marathon, an ultramarathon takes place over more than 100 km. Alexandra Schistek has not only accomplished this incredible feat, but she recently finished third in the overall woman’s standings of a 24-hour race – of course, accompanied the whole way by her buddy, Runtastic. Running is no longer just exercise, but her passion. She loves all the great things that it does for her body, mind and soul. And though it often hurts, pain passes, but pride lasts forever. Alexandra’s accomplishment is really amazing, don’t you think?

Alexandra Schistek

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