The 5 Top Reasons For A Summer Vacation On Your Bike

Four friends enjoying a bike trip.

Finally, vacation season! But how can one really unwind after months of working? Are you thinking about spending your vacation on the beach, relaxing in an all-inclusive resort, or would you rather book an active holiday, stay fit and burn off some energy? For running coach and expert, Sascha Wingenfeld, there’s no question: “I’d definitely choose an active vacation to relieve the stress of everyday life. A bike holiday is a great way to relax and get some exercise while surrounded by nature. You can really feel your body and give it your all when cycling uphill and into the woods.” On the peak, stunning views await you, and the ride down is sure to put a smile on your face. And there are many more reasons for you to book a biking vacation this year…

Two friends on their road bikes.

1. Good for your heart
The physical endurance a bike tour demands of your body gives your cardiovascular system a boost. Stressful jobs keep us from moving enough in our everyday lives. “A cycling trip of several days provides the necessary stimuli for your body. As a result, your heart will beat more efficiently, be able to process more oxygen and the blood flow through your heart will improve,” explains Sascha. A vacation of more than a week lowers your resting heart rate, as well as your HR during sports, which promotes heart health.

2. Perfect to unwind
Where is the best place to get rid of the accumulated stress of the last few weeks prior to vacation? Surrounded by nature! A bike tour through challenging terrain requires all your attention – and this helps you to forget about all the little things that might stress you out. Studies have shown that working out reduces stress hormones and tension. In addition, exercising boosts your self-esteem and makes you happier.

A young woman smiling happily while sitting outdoors on her bike

3. More muscles, less tension
A vacation on two (non-motorized) wheels not only helps you shed a few pounds due to the increased energy consumption, but it also builds muscles. “Moreover, cycling is great for improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to tense muscles from a hard day at work. This helps reduce muscle tension and soon makes you feel more flexible,” says Sascha.

4. Faster recovery
The continuous alternation between effort and relaxation during your vacation teaches your body how to recover faster – an asset in both your daily and professional life. Your performance will improve and you’ll be able to push your limits a little further every time.

Four friends on a bike trip.

5. Get moving, get healthy
“A bike holiday makes for a healthy body,” says Sascha. A healthy amount of exercise during your vacation is just what your body needs – to make up for a largely sedentary lifestyle. The stimuli your body receives while biking can prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce high blood pressure, relieve diabetes, lower high blood fat levels as well as body fat, and improve respiration.

So, what are you waiting for? Your body needs to get moving to relax. Enjoy your next vacation while riding through a beautiful landscape and feel what your body is capable of. You just have to challenge yourself a bit to keep fit. And we promise, sunbathing after a bike tour feels even better!


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