“The Globerunner”: Explore Rio with Story Running

Young man running in Rio de Janeiro.

You can’t travel to Rio de Janeiro and watch the Olympic Games live? Don’t worry about it. Now you can explore the Brazilian city anytime, anywhere with your phone: Experience the spirit of Rio with “The Globerunner” Story Run!

Landscape of Rio de Janeiro

But first, what is Story Running?
Story Runs are similar to an audiobook, but with one big difference: In a Story Run, the runner becomes the protagonist of the story. While you dive into strange, exciting worlds, you complete an effective interval training without actually noticing it. Give it a try!

What is “The Globerunner – Rio’s Marvels of Life” about?
Nick, the “globerunner,” leaves his normal life behind him: He travels to Rio de Janeiro, where he experiences the rhythmic, vibrant lifestyle of Brazil and meets some locals. He also uses the distance from home to reflect on his life. You join Nick on his run up to Urca and along the way get to see Rio, the favelas, and the Copacabana. Let yourself be carried away by the hot rhythms and beats. But stay on your toes – a few surprises await you on the route!

“I made it to Urca. This place is unreal. Gondolas hang high above the bay, as if you can almost touch them. There is an urge inside of me to go to the top. Urca promises something fantastic. You don’t know what lies beyond, but somehow you’re sure it’s not going to disappoint.”

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