The Making of Our Hollywood Story Run “The Scorch Trials: Hunted”

Story running scorch trials

by Spencer Baum

“Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials” was the perfect movie for our first joint venture with a major Hollywood release. The movie is all action, and action is what Story Running is all about!

story running scorch trials

I particularly enjoyed that, for this project, we got to reassemble a creative team that produced three other Story Runs for Runtastic.

Story Running is a brand new medium, an entirely new type of storytelling, and we’re getting better at telling stories that motivate you to run as we go.

By the time we got to work on “The Scorch Trials: Hunted, we knew exactly what kinds of scenes, music, sounds, and plotlines work best to create an engaging run.

In this Story Run, you’ll find lengthy scenes of rising tension, as YOU, the protagonist have to run for your life. You’re running right next to your sister, trying to escape bounty hunters and crazy Cranks – they’re all after you, because you’re immune to the Flare. Your feet are flying over the hot sands of the Scorch, then through pitch-black tunnels. Will you reach the city center before them?

The story, music, and narration are all carefully crafted to motivate you. When you listen to this story, your mind will get so wrapped up in the world that you will feel like you’ve left your own neighborhood entirely, and are running for your life in the Scorch!
Get ready to escape the Scorch with our Story Run based on the movie. If you’ve not tried it yet, get it in your Runtastic app now!

“Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials” is now available on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD!

How it works
If you’re not a Runtastic user yet, download the Runtastic app on your phone. Start the app and navigate to “Story Running” in the drawer menu, then download “The Scorch Trials: Hunted” for free. Plug in your earphones, lace up your shoes, start an activity – and run!


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