MORE VIDEOS Each Week On The Runtastic Fitness Channel

I am very excited to announce that the Runtastic Fitness Channel will now be posting an extra video each week! Instead of just one video each Tuesday, by Subscribing to the Runtastic Fitness Channel, you will get FREE content on both Tuesday and Thursday to improve your fitness and health!

2 Videos Per Week Fitness Channel

Two years ago we started this channel with a couple GoPros, a bunch of ideas & a willingness to work and learn about what it takes to create a successful, informative, interesting and quality video hub for the Runtastic brand on YouTube. It has been fun & interesting alongside a lot of laughter and learning.
Initially, we committed to doing one video per week and have not missed a week since! The channel has grown, during this time, all the way up to 50,000+ subscribers!! So, we know we definitely need to give the awesome audience MORE!

I am so thankful to be able to reach people from all over the world every day & because of their loyalty I am certain it is only necessary to give MORE FREE CONTENT! When we started the channel, one of the worries was “Will we have enough ideas to create content consistently?” As you can see, we are not lacking ideas. All of the comments the users post in the videos have played a big role in video inspiration & topics.

Please continue leaving comments in the videos, because I read every single one and reply personally! It’s really great getting a lot of encouraging words, concerned questions and new video suggestions!
I hope that you enjoy this extra video each week and know that I love making these videos for all of you! Make sure you continue to like, comment & share my channel with all of your friends.

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