The Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2016


Recently, the ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine – released its annual report, the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016. After taking a closer look at the survey, we would like to share with you some of our highlights on the top fitness trends for 2016.

1. Wearable technology
This trend has already made its way to the top – and this in its first year in the worldwide ranking of fitness trends. The term “wearable technology” encompasses everything from activity trackers to smartwatches to heart rate monitors.
Did you know that tracking your steps, calories burned or analyzing your sleep can make you happy? A study by the University of Chicago recently came to this conclusion. The reason why is quite simple: People who track their steps (and compare this number, for instance, with their partner or friends) are more motivated to increase their steps the next day. Fitness trackers accompany you around the clock and help you lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

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2. Bodyweight training
Have you ever heard of bodyweight training, i.e. training with your own body weight? This trend has appeared on the list of top fitness trends for the last two years and is probably so popular because you can do the workouts anytime, anywhere. Also, no equipment is required for this training – only your own body weight. Have we convinced you of the benefits of this type of total body training?

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3. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
Are you looking to put on muscle and lose fat? And that as quickly as possible? 😉 An effective and fast way to achieve these goals is high-intensity interval training. The workout consists of intervals with short and intense exercises. A HIIT training session usually lasts less than 30 minutes. Thus, it’s perfect for all those with a busy schedule – and who doesn’t have one of those?

Want to see how HIIT works for yourself? Try this 4-minute total body workout!

4. Exercise and weight loss
The combination of exercise and weight loss is still a fitness trend, according to the annual survey of the American College of Sports Medicine. We are also sure that regular exercise is good for your body. But don’t forget that the right diet is important for achieving lasting results – as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. 🙂
The main thing is to give your body time. It is the only way to achieve long-lasting results and to avoid the yo-yo effect. By the way, if you want to track your weight loss progress, use a scale to monitor your weight (remember that it’s not only the pounds or kilograms that matter, but the composition of muscle mass and water content too) or try some other methods to get closer to your goal.

Find out how eating the right diet can get you in great shape.

5. Yoga
It doesn’t matter if it is power yoga, yogalates or that winter favorite and real warmer-upper bikram yoga: This Indian school of philosophy has had a regular place on the list of top fitness trends for years. Did you know that running and yoga go together perfectly? On the one hand, you have the endurance sport, and on the other, movements that strengthen your deep muscles.

These 5 poses you can do directly after your run while you are still walking to cool down.

Is your fitness favorite on our list? Or are you a fan of a different workout? Tell us your favorite trend down below in the comments! We’d love to hear what you have to say.


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