These Results Users Have Lost a Combined -109 kg (-240 lb)

Success Story Rene

New year, new results! Together Patricia, Tommy, Barbara, Rainer, Manja and René were able to lose a total of 109 kg (240 lb). Ready to hear about the six best weight-loss success stories with Runtastic Results?

-13 kg (-29 lb): Patricia shed her pregnancy weight

Runtastic success story Patricia

Patricia is the mother of a young daughter. Naturally, during her pregnancy, she gained some weight. “After the birth of Leni, I needed a flexible program,” said the 30-year-old. “Bodyweight training is perfect for me because you can do the workouts anywhere, anytime.” Now 13 kg (28 lb) lighter, Patricia feels good all over. “Thanks Runtastic and Results!”

-30 kg (-66 lb): Tommy changed his life from one day to the next

Runtastic Success Story before and after image of Tommy.

“I always weighed a few kilos too many,” said Tommy. He finally decided that one day he needed to transform his life for good. With success: Tommy lost a total of 30 kg (66 lb) with bodyweight training. Now, he feels stronger than ever. “All that matters is your willpower,” shared the 27-year-old.

-25 kg (-55 lb): Barbara now feels comfortable in her own skin

Runtastic success story before and after picture of Barbara..

Push past the doubts and start believing in yourself! Barbara is the best proof that confidence is key: She lost 25 kg (55 lb) with the Results app. “Now I feel so strong! And more importantly, I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. That the excess weight is gone is an added bonus.” Barbara’s tip: “Get your friends involved. It makes working out more fun.”

-5 kg (-11 lb): Rainer looks ripped

13.01._Results Success Stories_Rainer_EN

“It’s not all about the weight,” said Rainer. The Austrian started his weight loss journey at 95 kg – today he doesn’t weigh much less. But Rainer, who used to drink 15 cups of coffee and smoke 20 cigarettes a day, feels fitter than ever before. “I knew that I had to change my life. Thanks to my running and the Results app, I have dropped body fat and put on muscle.” Way to go, Rainer!

-32 kg (-70 lb): Manja is happy and self-confident

Runtastic Results success story of Manja.

Manja is a working mother of two kids who suffers from celiac disease and had been overweight her entire life. Until she was finally able to lose weight with Runtastic and the Results app: “I started out running and then got my Results training plan.”

Manja lost 32 kg (70 lb) in 2 ½ years: Thanks to Results, Manja is now a happy, self-confident person. “If I can do it, anyone can do it! I used to hate people who liked to work out. Now I am one of them – pretty funny!”

-4 kg (-9 lb): René pre-tested the Results app

Runtastic Results success story befor and after picture of Rene.

René is one of the four founders of Runtastic. Before the Results app went on the market, he tested the app himself. “I wanted to try it out and see if the product we were preparing to launch really worked. And most importantly, to see how far I could progress with the training plan!”

Today, when René looks in the mirror, he sees a person who has come a long way: “I’ve gotten a lot more disciplined.” What is the best thing about results? “They motivate you to never give up!”

If you, too, have achieved fantastic results with the Results app, send us your story at Don’t forget to include some before & after photos. We look forward to reading your story!


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