7 Tips To Enjoy Your Spring

Vera Runtastic

Hi! My name is Vera. Today’s the day I kick off my biweekly column, “Vera’s Viewpoint,” and you’re one of my first readers. Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here, I’m quite excited to be writing for you and curious to see what topics are your favorites!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m a Dietitian at Runtastic and have the honor of providing you with useful info pertaining to health and nutrition. Let’s get started with tips to enjoy your spring, shall we?

Spring has sprung and it’s amazing, right? I totally agree with Robin Williams when he says, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” Singing birds, lush meadows, bright colored flowers – the perfect setting for enjoying sunshine and the great outdoors. This sounds good – in theory. But, while nature is celebrating and “partying” in spring, some of us struggle with lack of drive, dark undereye circles or an itchy nose. I’ve gathered some tips for you to fully enjoy spring this year, despite spring fever, pollen, etc.:

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Start off by saying, “Goodbye!”
Bye bye treats and colorful eggs, Easter weekend is over. Save the remaining chocolate Easter bunnies for your next party! Or, melt the bunnies and use them as cake glaze or in a chocolate fondue.

Enjoy a fresh start
Do some serious spring cleaning. It’s the perfect opportunity for a thorough house cleaning. I admit, it’s not easy to find the motivation, but there’s one universal remedy to that: MUSIC! It always keeps me moving – not just while working out, but also when cleaning. So, put on your favorite beats, turn up the volume and get started!

Less is more
Decluttering is so cleansing. Clear out your wardrobe, dresser or drawers – I’m sure you’ll find more than enough to get rid of! The best way to do this is following a simple rule: if you didn’t use it last year, you won’t use it this year. This is a great opportunity to donate some of your stuff to a local charity – or team up with a friend for a garage/yard sale.

Combine fun & outdoor activities
Have fun with and get inspired by new activities. Try out disc golf, speed badminton or balancing on a slackline. This will benefit both your mind and body.  According to The Atlantic, those who spend a lot of time outdoors in spring are happier, more mentally sharp and open-minded. These are all positive things, so what are you waiting for?

Develop your green thumb
Your body needs vitamins also after the cold season. Hungry for some fresh and crunchy vitamins? Plant your own vegetable garden. There’s plenty of vegetables you can grow on your own balcony. How about summer squash or swiss chard? 100% organic, of course.

Create a special atmosphere
Spring time is flower time. Decorate your home with fresh, colorful tulips or daffodils. Flowers convey a feeling of harmony and wellness and I feel automatically at ease when surrounded by their rich colors and scent.

P.S. A flower or two also bring harmony to your work environment!

Do something you loved as a child
Is there anything better than feeling like a child again every now and then? Blowing bubbles in a field of flowers, camping in the yard or rocking in the swings. What did you enjoy the most? Get silly! Spring is just the right season.

Now that you know how you can easily make the most of this incredible season of renewal, feel free to join nature’s party and make the most out of your spring. Enjoy 🙂

And, in my next blog post, I’ll let you in on my secrets on how to make your mom beam with joy on Mother’s Day. Prepare yourselves!

Until next time,

P.S. On April 22nd was Earth Day. Wanna do your part? Bring along a basket or fabric tote next time you hit the supermarket. This way you can protect the environment by skipping the, “Paper or plastic?” question altogether!


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