8 Tips To Get Fit At Work – Your Boss Will Love

Six hours.  If we spend more hours sitting per day, our mortality risk rises, as studies demonstrate.  Standing desks can minimize the risk. Plus, they increase employees’ productivity – by up to 10%.  Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work.  Here at the Runtastic office, we are mindful of our employees’ safety, health and fitness.  Read on to see our tips to get fit at work, it’s how we keep our Runtastics safe and sound!

Standing up keeps us fit and productive
Lilli seizes the chance to work with one of our standing desks for a while.  Short, standing meetings are also great for stretching one’s legs.  We call it a “stand-up” when talking things over quickly while standing up.

We wear slippers for our feet’s sake
Dry and clean shoe soles are great for more than just flooring!  Our feet thank us, as well – for being able to breathe.  Many of us are stuck in running shoes often enough, anyways 🙂

Water aids cognitive processes
We often forget about proper hydration due to everyday stress.  Therefore, we fill a large pitcher with fresh water every morning. When well-hydrated, it’s easier to keep a cool head, even in more heated discussions!

Fresh air and air quality are vital
Fresh air is always good, and especially when engaging your brain.  Plants help clean the air, too.  Our tip: Those with large leaves produce more oxygen and are more decorative, as an added benefit!

Check your seated position and posture
It’s easy to get caught up in the work flow and not even realized the you’re sitting sideways or slouched over. It’s not new news that sitting is bad for your health. So, next time you sit down, be sure that you back is straight! And make sure that your chair is one that supports the lower back. Your computer screen or monitor should be just at eye level (keeping your neck and back happy!) And as for your feet, they should be able to reach the floor, be flat on the ground while both arms and legs rest comfortably at 90 degrees.

Fruits & nuts are our energy providers
A bowl filled with sweet fruits or healthy nuts is part of our regular office “decor!”  This is how we strengthen our immune system year round.

Variety is key
Two hours.  Then we take a short break.  It doesn’t have to be a coffee break, though.  Green tea also contains caffeine and keeps you awake.  Plus, it’s healthy and rejuvenating.  Our Runtastic ladies, in particular, swear by this kind of wellness habit in between projects.

AND, to prevent illness…
… we regularly clean and scrub our keyboards, mouses and phones.  Why?  Because they’re a playground for bacteria!  Even more than most toilet seats.

Hardworking, reliable, proactive.  That’s how we want to behave and be perceived as employees.  Therefore, attention to health is vital. If we don’t feel 100% fit, we can’t perform the way we are used to.  It pays off to think about prevention and health promotion at work – for both the employees and ultimately the boss!

Tell us about your strategies for staying safe and healthy at work!  Any ideas you’d like to share?  We’re looking forward to your comments 🙂

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