Today, Drop Everything and Run

I run runtastic

I run runtasticToday marks the fourth annual National Running Day in the United States. Every first Wednesday in June, the commemoration creates a sense of community among more than 43 million runners in the U.S., which is especially important for a sport often practiced alone. Check out to find local group runs today and for even more ways to celebrate.

It’s not always easy to squeeze in a run. Work, school, family, and friends all compete for time with your exercise regime. But today, don’t let your hectic schedule stop you from celebrating your passion for running. Share the love you have for your sport with the important people in your life. Lead your family down your favorite trail, organize a group jog for your friends, or simply encourage coworkers to dust off their old track shoes.

You can also join’s “I RUN…” campaign by posting your completed sentence on Facebook or including the hashtag #runningday on Twitter.

And don’t forget to share your passion with runtastic as well! Today’s a perfect day to track and upload your route with our free GPS running app. How will you celebrate?

P.S. For runners in the rest of the world, never fear! We’re looking forward to celebrating World Run Day in November with you!

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