Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Bodyweight Training

Even before it became a worldwide fitness trend, bodyweight training has always been an integral part of my training program and those of people I work with. While I love to be in the gym lifting weights, I equally enjoy using my own body to challenge myself in new and intense ways.

Fitness Coach Lunden

Just to give you a short background story, I started my health and fitness journey in college at the age of 19 when I realized that I wanted to go the opposite direction of most college students: excessive drinking, partying, late nights, fast food, etc. This left me with a much smaller group of friends and much more time for myself and for working out – which I loved! I started out running and then I started throwing in some bodyweight exercises like push-ups, walking lunges, burpees, step-ups, triceps dips and more. I like to call these my interactive runs. From there I was hooked. I loved being able to do bodyweight training anytime, anywhere.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I love bodyweight training:

    1. I can decide to do a spontaneous workout without having to leave my house to go to the gym.
    2. I can constantly progress the exercises to make it harder for me as I get stronger. For example: knee push-ups > push-ups > one-legged push-ups > declined push-ups > handstand push-ups. Woo, I love them all!
    3. I can get an incredible workout in anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.
    4. It gives me ZERO excuse not to work out.
    5. When I progress an exercise, it makes me feel like Superwoman!
    6. I can do bodyweight training at home, in a hotel room, outside, at a friend’s house, in the office – anywhere!
    7. It’s great cross-training for running and biking.
    8. It reminds me of how powerful the human body is, pushes me to my limits and helps me realize what I am truly capable of.
    9. There is SO much variety. I love chatting about and comparing favorite bodyweight exercises with other fitness professionals.
    10. I can (and will) do it forever!!!


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