Top 3 Flat Belly Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home

Two women doing mountain climbers

If you’re really serious about getting a flat stomach, you cannot just focus on exercise alone. You absolutely have to focus on quality nutrition as well as adequate hydration and sleep! Without those, your abdominal workout efforts can really go unnoticed.

But let’s say you’ve been sticking to your meal plan, getting enough sleep and doing everything else that needs to be done outside of your workouts. Then, there are some amazing exercises you can do in order to further develop your abs and get them to make an appearance this summer.

The most effective abs exercises can be done without any equipment, requiring only your own body weight. These 3 bodyweight exercises are perfect for setting your abs on fire!

1. Single leg v-up

Even though this exercise is a regression to a normal v-up, don’t underestimate its power. This exercise requires core control, stability and will work your abs from top to bottom. Be sure that your back is flat to the mat (belly button pulling down towards the floor) and you reach your hands up towards your toes.

2. Side plank oblique crunches

This dynamic plank variation will hit your obliques (side abs) hard. Try to perform this exercise in a slow and controlled manner for the best results. Additionally, work to make your range of motion as big as possible: lowering those hips down as low as you can without touching the ground and really lifting them up as high as you can while giving it an extra squeeze.

3. Mountain climbers

Cardio and ab-strengthening combined make the mountain climber an ideal exercise to incorporate into your abs routine. While the other two moves should be performed in a slow and controlled manner, feel free to make the mountain climbers quick and explosive. But, be sure that you’re maintaining proper form with the hands under the shoulders and the shoulders, hips and feet in a line. When this move starts to burn (which it will), the common exercise mistake is lifting those hips high and shifting the shoulders behind the hands creating an upside-down “V” shape with the body – try to avoid this!

Alright, now it’s time to put it all together. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with minimal rest in between for 4 rounds. This will create an awesome 6-minute abs workout for you that you can easily do at home.

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