Top 3 Recipes for Fueling Your Muscle Growth

Two plates with sweet potatoes and fried eggs

A regular routine of intense workouts is essential for muscle growth. But the food you put into your body is just as important. It’s not for nothing that people say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” After a workout, you should shoot for a carb-protein ratio of 3:1. Here are our top 3 recipes for fueling your muscle growth.

1. Fluffy protein pancakes

These pancakes are so delicious we could eat them all day long. They require few ingredients and are quick to make. With 27 g of protein per serving, they are ideal for replenishing your muscles post-workout. Top them off with some fresh berries and a bit of maple syrup for some extra carbs to reach that 3:1 ratio.

2. Stuffed sweet potatoes

You only need two ingredients to make the perfect post-workout meal: loaded sweet potato skins are a great recipe for feeding your muscle growth. They are even faster and simpler to prepare when you cook the sweet potato in the microwave.

3. Vegan post-workout shake

A chocolate shake is a quick source of macronutrients after your workout. You can prepare it at home before your workout and simply take it with you to the gym. The best thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t require any protein powder. The healthy mix of carbs, protein and fat provide your body with an energy boost and thus promote your muscle gain.

Have fun trying out these three muscle-building recipes!


Julia Denner Julia is a dietician and sports nutritionist. Before she began her position as Communications Specialist at Runtastic, she spent several years working as a dietician in the surgical department at Vienna General Hospital. Julia is passionate about inspiring others to eat a healthy, balanced diet. View all posts by Julia Denner