6 top gifts for improved health & fitness

We all know the feeling: The holidays are fast approaching and you start to get a headache from trying to select and find the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. This time of year is especially chaotic if you’re a “last minute shopper.” That’s where we come in… We’d like to help you out this year! How about making 2013 the year of giving health & fitness to your loved ones?

Read on for the ultimate fitness gift wish list – get inspired and get shopping!

1. Kettlebell

This ball-shaped training tool with its typical handle is a real fitness all-rounder that permits you to work out almost any muscle group of your body. When used correctly, it can help increase strength, coordination, flexibility, as well as body control in general. The best part about the kettlebell is that it’s a practical tool for home workouts and it’s suitable for both men and women. Plus, you don’t need lots of time for a really effective workout. To get some inspiration for a great kettlebell workout, just watch Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden’s video on YouTube.

2. Participation in a running event

An awesome gift for all ambitious hobby runners, but also for beginners. Many hobby athletes end up losing their motivation for lack of a concrete goal towards which they are working. By surprising them with a participation/bib number for a running event in spring, you can give them a whole lot of motivation! And, you could even combine the gift with a weekend trip to a cool city.

3. Gym membership

Just like tip #2, this gift idea is also a great incentive to stay active. A gym membership is a fantastic gift for all those people who need others around to keep motivated when doing sports. Most gyms offer group fitness classes that help even the least motivated participants to achieve top results. Just make sure the trainers are well-trained, qualified & patient!

4. Gift vouchers for a massage

Those who do sports on a regular basis should also know the importance of regeneration. Demanding workout sessions can strain tendons and muscles – massages represent an ideal form of regeneration for exhausted, sore muscles. Plus, massages encourage blood flow, stimulate metabolism and lead to the release of endorphins – happiness hormones! Massages are a great way to make the receiver of your gift feel cared for & “as snug as a bug in a rug!”

5. Cooking classes for fit & healthy meals

Sufficient sleep, as well as adequate exercise, are two important elements for a fit and healthy life. However, a balanced diet is also vital. Cooking classes for healthy cuisine are fun and provide the receiver of your gift with both knowledge and great recipes that he or she can easily cook at home and share with family and friends.

6. Sportswear

Want to help your loved ones develop a sexy figure and stick with their sport activities during the cold and dark winter months? Give them the right sportswear! Good gear to protect athletes from icy temperatures and wet conditions is simply a must. Plus, it is very important to be clearly visible when training outdoors after dark. Help keep your loved ones active and safe this winter with some of the newest gear and sportswear on the market!

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