Tough Mudder Race – Neall Hards accepts his ultimate challenge!

World’s Toughest Mudder competitor Neall Hards has been working hard since his last training update. After running 100K (over 60 miles!) per week (in a wetsuit!) in addition to completing swimming and body weight workouts, he’s ready for his ultimate challenge.

Neall during his workout

On November 17 & 18, Neall will crawl through the mud, traverse freezing waters and scale 15-foot walls to complete the grueling course as many times as possible in 24 hours. Here’s how he’s feeling:

The World’s Toughest Mudder race will be mentally draining and physically painful. There will be so many obstacles to overcome, including muddy trenches, cold waters, electricity and even Everest, a greased quarter pipe. I will constantly be in some state of hypothermia, and will have to battle muscle fatigue, cramps, and being soaking wet for 24 hours.

And then there is the mental factor—the ability to stay calm and not panic when you’re exhausted and trying to climb out of the Boa Constrictor (underwater tunnels) at 2AM. I won’t let the darkness faze me as I trudge through the Mud Mile. I cannot let my body give in to its natural tendency to crave sleep to heal. I will push myself to the limit, forcing my body to keep working as hard as it can.

I still get the jitters thinking about the course, but I have a lot of support and sponsors behind me. I’m going in expecting the worse, but feel that my training has prepared me. This race is about working hard, conquering fears and being able to say: “I did it! What’s next?”

Neall will be tracking his entire race with runtastic on his Blackberry. Follow his progress live and cheer him on! Be sure to check out Neall’s website to see what else he’s up to. Good luck from runtastic, Neall! 

Tough Mudder race

Would you ever consider running a Tough Mudder race, or have you completed one? Share your experiences with us!

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