4 Fantastic Reasons to Swap the Road for the Trail

Trail runner

by Marcel Höche, adidas TERREX Pro Athlete

The reason we all love running is its simplicity: get your workout in wherever you are. In today’s post, Pro Trail Runner Marcel Höche tells us why it is worth finding a nice trail around your city.

1. Experience the beauty of nature

After a full day in a busy office or loud city, the best place to go in the evening is the peaceful forest. Empty your mind by listening to some birds singing in the distance and the wind blowing through the leaves instead of traffic noises and forget about all the grey concrete for a while.

2. Get your full body workout done at once

Trail running is a much more varied sport than road running. Whether it’s the incline that demands every muscle fiber of your calves or the decline that makes your thighs stronger, the uneven ground will challenge your balance skills and the tangle of trees, rocks and river crossings will test your coordination.
Expert tip: In very hilly terrains, most trail runners use running sticks to help conquer the elevation gain quickly. Employ a technique similar to Nordic Walking. This is a great opportunity to exercise the upper body, especially the shoulders, back and even the triceps.

3. Forget about all the little tweaks

Asphalt and other hard grounds in the city can be pretty demanding on your musculoskeletal system. No matter how great your shoes are, every single step will bring your body weight crashing down and stress bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. The softer trail runs reduce the impact on your body. Try running in coniferous forests – it almost feels like running on clouds. You will love it!

Trail runners

4. Feel the flow of the trail

Who doesn’t know the feeling of the endless, broad road where you don’t seem to be moving forward at all? Trails, on the other hand, are winding and exciting with rocks and overgrown roots. This will enable you to experience your pace in a totally new way. Eight minutes per kilometer will suddenly feel very fast. After a little practice, you will be literally dancing over roots and rocks and flying down trails like you could never have imagined.

About Marcel Höche:

Trail runner

My name is Marcel Höche and I work at adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. I love my job and being surrounded by great athletes that enable and encourage people to do better in sports. As a previous under-23 German Champion over 6h, a world best performer over 12h running and World’s Toughest Mudder Vice Champion, sports is one of – if not – the most important things in my life. I love sharing my motivation, training methods, diets and gear reviews with others and bringing them one step closer to enjoying sports and all the positive effects of it as much as I do.



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