New Update – runtastic Android 1.2.2 available

runtastic Android Galaxy S

An update (version 1.2.2) of the runtastic Android Lite and PRO App is ready for download.

New Features:

  • Import activities which are not related to any user
  • Preview of Voice Feedback


  • Activities are saved if battery is out
  • SD card installation is supported (Android 2.2)
  • Voice Feedback: Pace and speed is now of last kilometer / mile
  • Volume of music playback is reduced during Voice Feedback

Major Bug Fixes:

  • Wrong pace in kilometer / mile split table
  • Voice Feedback: wrong duration if duration > 100 minutes
  • App crashes when displaying longer activities on map

We look forward to your feedback! We would also be glad if you rate the app in the Android Market.

Enjoy your sport activities with the runtastic Android App!

runtastic Android Galaxy S


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