Here Are Our Users’ Top 22 Running Horror Stories

Running helps our minds unwind, plus it’s fun! If you like running, you are sure to have had a few weird experiences when on the road… Did you ever get scared, embarrassed, or live a horrible experience while running? We’ve asked our users to share their personal running horror stories with us:

  • Second place. The day my wife won
  • Two racoons that were screaming at me… I gave them a wide berth!
  • I fell off the treadmill and scraped up both my knees
  • No opportunity for a very necessary “pit stop”
  • At 5 a.m. a scary trucker offered to drive me. I have never ran as fast as that day!
  • A kid on a scooter overtook me while running. Terrible!
  • On a dark stretch of my route I stepped on a rat and heard it scream
  • Huuuuge blisters on both feet
  • My phone’s battery died. A nightmare!
  • A man at a gas station told me I had lost something at a certain location. I hadn’t even crossed that spot when running – he just wanted to take me there. I’m still trembling when I think of it
  • I broke my leg while running and only noticed 2 months later
  • I got scared while running after having played monsters with my young daughter
  • A dog once bit me
  • I lost my key and had to wait in front of my house – in the pouring rain – until my sister arrived
  • My Achilles tendon snapped while I was running
  • A shepherd dog once kept persuing me until it bit my butt, then another day I was chased by a sheep
  • I lost a toenail after my first 8 miles
  • When trying to stop at an icy intersection I slipped and fell onto the street
  • A buzzard attacked me from behind
  • A man threw a condom at me…
  • I broke my piggy toe during the first 5 kilometers of a half marathon and had to keep going until the end
  • I tried a new route, slipped and fell in the mud while a whole group of kids was watching me – so embarrassing!


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