Runtastic at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018

WAD conference

In his five years at Runtastic, our iOS Dev Dominik has visited the WeAreDevelopers Congress in Vienna three times already. Not just because we are partnering up with them. Not just because it’s super close to our Vienna office and the Runtastic headquarters in Linz.

It’s mainly because of the high quality of speakers and the possibility to listen to their insights and even talk with them afterward. Max, our Android Architect, was able to chat with Joel Spolsky, CEO of StackOverflow & Trello, who will return this year and inspire our engineers.

Runtastic at the WAD conference

At the largest developers congress in Europe, software engineers from all over the world get together to share their knowledge and learn from each other. “I really like that there’s not too many recruiters at this event”, Dominik points out (thank you, our People Management got the hint), “therefore I really get to talk to fellow engineers (and friends from school) about our tech challenges (rather than having to listen to recruiting pitches).”

While Niklas (Software Engineer Backend) feels that some of the talks could be even more technical as “devs want to see code”, he highly appreciates the techy atmosphere. The speakers and workshops offer a broad variety of topics, and it’s actually quite a challenge to set up the perfect schedule for oneself (as there’s not enough time to attend everything).

WAD conference dates

Kudos to the WeAreDevelopers team for addressing the importance of diversity and Women In Tech – as we experience every day, how great a diverse and international team can work. And while we pride ourselves in a rather high female engineering ratio in certain areas, we are always thrilled about chicks who code.

The Woodstock of Developers, as they like to call themselves, is a developers congress that we at Runtastic feel is important to support. Naturally, because we want our team to learn as much as possible about the latest innovations and share their learning with the entire team. Naturally,  it’s always awesome to network and maybe find people who’d be interested in joining our awesome family. But mainly, we attend because we are convinced that the tech world does not only consist of great code, but of great people who we want to learn more from!


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